Begin Your Search For Jobs In Peterborough Queensgate

Queensgate Shopping Centre is home to a multitude of opportunities allowing you to enhance your vocation with a variety of possible career paths. Many people assume that to work in a retail park, you will need to work on a shop floor, but this is not necessarily the case. Instead, you could be working as a security guard to ensure the centre is safe and secure, or working as a cleaner to ensure the centre stays looking its absolute best.

For those of you with an ambition to cook, you could work within one of the Queensgate restaurants, including; Café Pure, Reflections Café, Swivels, Don Millers or the Marks and Spencer cafe. So, there really are a range of career paths on offer at the Queensgate Shopping Centre.

Retail Jobs In Peterborough For Those Who Love To Shop

Retail jobs can consist of the following roles; shop floor co-ordinator, customer service operator, deputy store manager, store manager, area manager, personal shopper and cloak room attendant. If you have experience within a particular retail role then this will go in your favour, however those of you who have just left school or college will also have the opportunity to begin your career within retail as long as you have the drive and enthusiasm to learn, as well as the ability to work hard. Of course, each retail store will vary in regards to taking on new staff, depending on their individual needs, requirements and available training. To discover precisely which retail roles are currently available within Peterborough, do ensure to browse online, where you will discover the current available positions with job description.

Discover The Best Jobs In Queensgate Peterborough

Queensgate Shopping Centre provides the largest opportunity for work out of the three shopping centres featured within Peterborough, as it boasts over 90 retail stores, whilst also employing a further 100 people behind the scenes. The Queensgate shopping centre is a prosperous community in which to be based and in which to further your career. It provides an energetic and lively atmosphere, which is open seven days a week, ensuring you can work within the week or at the weekend. Additionally, no matter whether you are looking for full time or part time work, the centre requires work round-the-clock, meaning that there are opportunities for shift work, both late at night and early in the morning.

Commercial And Residential Cleaning Jobs In Peterborough

If you seek cleaning jobs in Peterborough, then you have definitely picked a city that’s full of opportunity and a wide array of cleaning roles. Searching for cleaning work involves choosing between commercial cleaning work and residential cleaning work. For those opting for commercial cleaning opportunities, you will notice that there is an increased likelihood of guaranteed work, as you may be contracted. Whilst residential work, will involve you working within a private residency, such as a person’s home where you may only work a few hours per week and where work may be discontinued at any given time.

Static And Patrolling Security Jobs In Peterborough

Security roles within the stunning city of Peterborough are frequently available, allowing those of you with relevant experience or with a passion for security, to work in a variety of outlets and environments. These include; concerts and event security, static security, patrolling security, site security, bar or night club door supervisor/security and retail security. Static security involves being assigned to one place, such as a construction site, whilst patrolling security involves relocating where necessary. Many security roles require previous experience as well as having a valid driving license, yet there are also security roles available that provide full training, ensuring new opportunities to those with less security experience. Start your search for jobs in Peterborough today.